Who we are

4EverFree TV is an Online Content Creator Channel powered by IAI Technology (Inspired Artificial Intelligence) that features a variety of engaging shows to entertain, educate and inspire its viewers. 4EverFree TV’s team of Content Creators are free to use their creative abilities to produce entertaining and thought-provoking Shows that engage and motivate Viewers Every Day. Our emphasis on fresh and innovative content, sets itself apart from other Online TV Channels. Our Content Creators have a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, ensuring that each show is unique and engaging. From up-and-coming Chefs to established Fashion Bloggers, our Content Creators on 4EverFree TV bring their individual Perspectives and Personalities to the Shows they create. With a weekly Live Talk Show, Health & Wellness, Hair & Makeup, Fashion, Travel, Inspirational Dance, Music, Cooking, Gardening, Shows for Kids, Gaming, Sports. Movies, Comedy and more. There is always something for everyone on 4EverFree TV. Whether you’re interested in learning new cooking skills, getting inspired by fashion and style trends, or just relaxing with your family and enjoying a movie, 4EverFree TV has got you covered. One of the Flagship Shows on 4EverFree TV is our Weekly Live Talk Show, “SPICE IT UP” which covers a wide range of topics from Current Events to Pop Culture to Personal Development. With a rotating panel of guests and expert commentators, this show provides a fresh and engaging and Spi